I once had a boyfriend who refused to write notes or letters to me. He had strong feelings regarding how they could be used as proof. This is true, of course. His foresight ensured the annals of history will never know proof of a goofy teen-aged love penned by his own hand. 

The thing is, my memory of my time him is of actions showing a different version of himself than the initial charismatic rogue who swept me off my feet. It was sweet at first, then sour. Maye time would have been kinder to the memories if there were a few love notes swimming around. 

Yet, is written proof more powerful than memory? I don't know. No. Yes. It depends. 

I am a fan the liminal spaces. What is reality truly, when everyone experiences it differently? I can write stories about the possibilities. The portal to interpretation opens as you hit the "Publish" button on anything outside of your head. What a joyful thing. Evoking a response, a thought, interpretation, connection through your own expression.

Do I need to protect my expression? Yes but mostly no.  The world outside my home is a currently marvelously strange and stressful place. If this tiny bit of the webverse qualifies as a roadside attraction to that then I should be chuffed. We are all connected. We are all light and dark, and in the liminal.

I think of that old boyfriend who never wrote me a love letter. In truth, he was worried someone outside of his control would interpret his words as weakness. And that is ok. I know it is best for me to write my stories down. They are love letters I write to myself. 


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